Milestone (continued)….

by David

TDA 3….we mentioned in the previous post that there are two English heifers being bred in South Carolina (at Walkers Century Farms).  This is one, TDA 03.

Her dam, Tilbrook Cashtiller….who recently passed away….swept all the English competitions.  Her equally outstanding sire, Cutcombe Jaunty, is also no longer with us.

So we have, indeed, accomplished a small part of our goal in saving pure, traditional English genetics.  It wasn’t so much death we have been concerned with as the increasing practice on both sides of the Atlantic to dilute the purity of the Devon breed, in the search for some elusive “super Devon”.

We think they’re super enough and are content to specialize in the “real thing”. We are AI-ing all the heifers to another exceptional, pure English Devon:  Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon.