Let’s call this before….

by David

Thistle Hill Farm fence at sunrise

Christmas weekend opened splendidly with sunrise reflected off the Blue Ridge..captured by our designated early riser, daughter Carolyn.

But if there’s a before there must be an after.  At the moment Carolyn took the before picture a passing motorist was also admiring the sunrise over Thistle Hill.  At least that’s what he told the investigating state trooper.

Thistlehill Farm fence being repaired.

In any event the motorist lost control and we lost four sections of four-board fence.

Fortunately a neighbor saw the accident and moved our cows to a nearby pasture with intact fencing.  Thank you Kathy Hartz!

Rebuilding fencing wasn’t the way we planned to spend Christmas but the job is done!  Thanks to Church, Lucio and Curt…and Carolyn, who took this picture, too!