The perfect steak…

by David

..ok, begins at Thistle Hill. But Church found a way to gild the lily.


Apparently these cookers have been around quite awhile but pricey. (Now, Amazon has them for $160-180). Basically you put the steak in a plastic bag…remove the air…and slow cook in water at a temp of 135 degrees.

He deployed one of his Christmas presents: a Sous vide cooker. He selected a Delmonico steak for his first try just in case it didn’t turn out. In fact he reports it was as tender and flavorful as a filet mignon.

Sous Vide Cooker

Apparently it’s a no-brainer; a gourmet steak every time! Church finished his steak off in a skillet with a dollop of butter just for aesthetic reasons. I would miss the fellowship of standing around the grill with an aluminum can in my hand, but in mid-winter….