How good is Thistle Hill pork???

by David

Well, modesty has not been one of my more noticeable traits.  But even I had to blush reading this rave review we received about our most recent pork from Brooke Henley of Middletown, Maryland.

The pork is heavenly! What an animal! And the processing is amazing too! So far we’ve sampled two cuts of bacon (definitely will be the first thing we run out of!), pork chops, and a ham steak. Photographic evidence attached!


This is one of the 2″ thick chops and yes, we’ve just sliced it open. You’re looking at it from the end.  One chop was enough for both of us and we had a little bit leftover. SOOOO good! The pork chop probably would have been even better if it had been fully thawed. Tom tried to hold it to help thaw it on the ride home from your place! Cooked at a low temp in the oven and then browned on the stove.


Second photo is the ham steak which was divine too! Tom grilled the latter on our Big Green Egg with a glaze made from his sister’s apple cider jelly mixed with grainy mustard. I’ll try to take some photos BEFORE the food hits our plates next time. 

Finally, Your bacon making a second appearance of the day as lunch – c’mon over

TH bacon

Brooke credits husband, Tom Garnett, for handling the cooking in the family!  It’s interesting how many couples in the grass fed world feature the men in the kitchen.  I would guess it some long-repressed desire coupled with women just being sick of it.

In any event, we met Tom and Brooke several years ago when they had just retired to a beautiful farm in Maryland…were starting out to raise grass fed beef.  Eventually they purchased one of the finest bulls we’ve every raised at Thistle Hill.  (We’ll feature him in another post soon.) So we’ll be losing them as beef customers but it looks as though they’ll be back for more pork….soon.

There are no sides of pork remaining this year  but our 10-pound variety Pork Pak is still available for $75.  Just contact us at