Free range pigs….

by David

20130709_53….well, we hadn’t planned it that way.  At least, not yet!

But these two piglets must have overheard me say I’d like to try letting some pigs roam our woods, gorging themselves on acorns to their heart’s content.

In any event, despite the picture, they’re on their own.  But they do come home twice a day to snack on the non-gmo corn.  Getting hard for them to sneak under the fence, though.  We’re going to have to leave the gate open for them.  Maybe, one of those pet entrances they put on garage doors?

The danger isn’t really that they’ll run away; it’s that they’ll get into our vegetable garden.  Or more seriously, into a neighbor’s architect-designed, award winning flower garden.  For now, they’re staying in the pastures and woods….and growing more quickly than their “litter mates”** inside the wire.

** do pigs have litters?