Enjoy your pork chops….

by David

pigs….and if they’re from the supermarket…or you’re eating at most restaurants….it would be better not to focus on this picture.  These are mama pigs….waiting to be bred or waiting to birth…or just waiting.  It’s how they spend their entire lives….not just during breeding…..in cages so small they can’t turn around…lying in their own waste…filled with antibiotics and steroids…just so we can have “cheap food”.

We’re supposed to believe this protects the young so Mom doesn’t roll over on them.  It does happen, in small confinement pens, but not in the open.  Pigs are incredibly athletic and they know very well how to care for their young.

For contrast, 20141121_249here’s a young female at Thistle Hill farm….basking in the sun.  Something the average pig in this country never sees.

You think her pork chops will taste better?  Is her bacon worth a couple of dollars more per pound?

Probably not…..as long as you don’t think too much about it.