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Antibiotic use on pigs….

….skyrockets! This is from Minnesota Public Radio: Sorry, bacon lovers, we’ve got some sad news about your favorite meat. To get those sizzling strips of pork on your plate each morning takes more antibiotics than it does to make a steak burrito or a chicken sausage sandwich. Pig farmers around the world, on average, use […]

How good is Thistle Hill pork???

Well, modesty has not been one of my more noticeable traits.  But even I had to blush reading this rave review we received about our most recent pork from Brooke Henley of Middletown, Maryland. The pork is heavenly! What an animal! And the processing is amazing too! So far we’ve sampled two cuts of bacon (definitely […]

Return of the Pork Pak….

….a last minute cancelation of a whole pig, makes it possible for us to sell 10-pound Pork Paks….again….briefly.  The demand for our pigs has moved us to offering just halves and wholes….but for as long as they last, the 10 pound package is back and costs just $75! The Pork Pak includes 5 lbs of […]

“Stay with quality….

….quality will always sustain you.”  That was the advice this butcher’s daddy gave him.  Lovely. Here’s a short film that is an ode to country bacon and ham and a man from Virginia who has made it his life’s work.  Heavily-salted bacon and ham are not my favorites but I’m not going to quibble with […]