Breeding step two…

by David

…is very much a family affair. The herd has to be brought in from the pasture and sorted to isolate the target cows. We started in the dark, in a light rain.

Church administers a shot of lutalyze.

Grandson Church is really in charge now. He administers a shot of lutalyze which will bring the cow into heat in 48-72 hours. Dad Curt (in background) is the Chief Wrangler, bringing the designated cows into the chute.

Mom Carolyn is “manning” the headgate.

Mom Carolyn is “manning” the headgate. Gotta grab ‘em just right or it’s back around and try again. How many farms have a gynecological cancer surgeon in their crew?

Mom Carolyn is “manning” the

The final step: putting an alarm patch on the rump. When she goes into heat, others cows will mount her turning the patch a bright red. Then it will be time to inseminate.

We are prepping 29 cows…over two days. The rain could make things messy and uncomfortable but this is a process that is carefully timed.

There are no time outs!