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Month: May, 2012

Getting to know you….

There’s a great chance coming up for Devon breeders and would-be Devon breeders to get to know each other.  It’s a meeting in South Carolina not affiliated with either of the breed associations…just people getting together to talk about and look at Devon. The get-together will be June 16th at the Wagner Ranch in Rock […]

Jolly good show!

It certainly was for our English friends and partners, Joy and Angus Cottey.  Their young cow, Garradon Fuschia, won top honors at the British Society’s recent national show.  Not only was Fuschia the champion cow, but grand champion as well, besting all the bulls in the competition.  That doesn’t happen very often. Angus and Joy […]

What is truly rewarding….

….is helping people getting started in Devon.  Here, Linda Hendrix of Pacolet, South Carolina welcomes a young Thistle Hill bull to her farm.  THF W31 was accompanied by four pregnant cows, two with calves, on the 10 hour trailer ride from Virginia.  Most of the time was spent in the Friday afternoon, Memorial Day weekend […]

Just in case….

We’ve always been skeptical of the “global warming” scenario though our recent un-winter and early spring has moved us closer to the agnostic column.  Still we’ve always managed Thistle Hill as though the environmental alarmists are right. There’s no question, based on our own observations, that clean water and chemical-free land is better for our […]

If you can’t beat them, buy them….

We’ve made the point before that the organic label has been seriously corrupted.  Big agriculture industry giants (Big Ag) have infiltrated the organic field and, with their accomplices in government, are doing all they can to blur the differences between our contaminated supermarket food supply and safe food.  Again, Democrats and Republicans alike in Washington […]

“I’m so big….

….you don’t even want to think about it.  (I hope)  That’s the message Carolina Hobo is sending to two younger bulls as they return to the bull pasture after being gone for a few months “on assignment”.  He is displaying his massive side view in hopes it will discourage any thoughts in the youngsters of trying […]

Heart-breaking news….

…from our dear friends in New Zealand, Ken and Prue McDowall.  Ken is the famous Rotokawa breeder.  But just a few minutes ago he called with the news that he and Prue had lost their daughter, a young woman, talented artist and sculptor with a brilliant future. What do you say to the McDowalls…what can […]

A gamble pays off….

The smile stayed on Dr. Monica O’Brien’s face all afternoon, despite the heat.  We were checking pregnancies, and again and again she reported:  “Three months!”  That was particularly gratifying since we had gambled this year, selling our herd bull Watson and banking on his son, 2-year old U2 or Double Trouble. Because of the uncertainty […]

Better living through chemistry (cont’d)….

It’s a problem that apparently is growing: the wholesale use of antibiotics is causing drug resistant immunities to build-up in humans as well as animals.  We just can’t depend on drugs to battle disease as we once did.  E.coli is one of them. Industrial agriculture is based on antibiotics.  All commercial animals…cattle, chicken and pigs…are […]

Sad news….

…for those of us who covered the Viet Nam war.  Horst Faas, who headed the Associated Press photo team through most of the war, has died in his native Germany after a long illness. Horst was a talented, indestructible man who dominated the Saigon scene while many of the rest of us just “dabbled”.  As […]