You’re so vain….

by David

David 8….oh, alright, but hear me out.  Several years ago, I was so crippled up I walked bent over like an old man and I hurt all the time.

Thanks to a physical therapist and her staff in nearby Warrenton—plus an improved diet and plenty of red wine—I snapped out of it.  The therapist’s name is Kendal Blaser and she is not only an exceptionally talented professional, she is one of the most delightful women I’ve ever met.

So Kendal was working on her website with a professional photographer and wanted me to pose as one of her success stories.  The deal was, I got some of the pictures and this is one of them.  (Please also note the good-looking young bulls that are for sale.)

Not only do I recommend Kendal Blazer if you’re hurting, but I certainly want to plug the photographer, Mona at Ciao Bella Photos.   I went to her website and was amazed at the quality of her work.  Check it out!