We’ve calved 21…

by David

…more than two-thirds of the way though. And for those keeping score, it’s 14 bull calves and 7 heifers. Two of the cows here are with their first calves.

THF 18 (top photo) is one of those births. The dam by a Thistle Hill cow and the sire King David, who is English. Birth weight 75 pounds.

THF 19 (middle photo) is a 70-pound bull calf out of our very first English cow, TDA 7. Sire is Essington…so this is a pure, traditional English Devon.

THF 20 (bottom photo) is another calf born to an American Devon heifer. The weight 60 pounds and the sire King David.


THF 18
THF 19
THF 20