Caution…grass at work…

by David

…it may look like resting and that’s what graziers call it…but this grass is hard at work!

Thistle Hill Farm Eastern Pasture
Photo by Curt Humphreys

The trick in grazing isn’t how much grass the cows eat…but how much they leave.

Ideally we like them to bite off about a third…and trample a third…and leave the rest for regrowth. That’s what’s happening here.

The cows have left…we’ve topped off the weeds and seed heads…and now the roots which have died back to mirror the amount of leaf surface above ground…are regrouping.

It’s that new growth which is most nutritious and the cows will be returned in 45 days for another pass across this pasture.

Not only will there be new grass, but new roots. And decaying old roots adding vital organic matter to the soil. It’s a wondrous thing watching this conversion of sunlight to food…food for microbes, for plants, for cows, for humans.

Despite the nonsense you have read, grass farmers are doing more for the planet than just about anything you could imagine. And yes, the red meat is good for your too!