The waiting game….

by David

….begins again!  And this time with added suspense!20150212_13  Embryologist Dr. Jim Evans implants English embryos into our cows….always a bit nerve-wracking but particularly since these little ones were tied up in England for almost three years because of a mystery virus that hit a number of herds and sheep flocks.

Looking on are Jane Narrimore and Duane Ard who served as our wranglers.  For recips this time we selected from our own herd….our 10 best cows with unblemished records of breeding, calving and mothering.  We were determined to do all we could to improve the odds.

Dr. Evans was also particularly selective…and knocked out four as not being perfectly ready at that moment.  The embryos were all sired by Falcon…two each from Essington Buttercup and Goldings Norah and Snowdrop.

We’ll “cover” these recips with another Traditional English Devon bull, TDA Highwayman.  An early preg check and the calving date will reveal the results, but of course we DNA all our animals as well.