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The first bull calf…

…of the year weighs exactly 70 pounds.  And though mom is a heifer she has him well-disciplined.  No easy task with a rambunctious little bull calf!

Thistlehill Farm Bull Calf
Photo by Curt Humphreys

The sire of these early calves is TDA 35…an all English bull by Falcon out of Norah.

Mom is a good example of crossing our American herd with an English import.  In this case grandma is R2…a calf we spotted at Lakota Ranch 15 years ago…and it paid off for us and farms throughout the East.

The English grandsire was a bull we nicknamed Handsome Ransom and, while early, this guy is well-proportioned just like grandpa.

Never was good at fractions but I guess this makes 3 a three-quarter English Devon.


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