Special delivery….

by David

…and an emotional milestone at Thistle Hill. Just over two years ago, Wooz decided she wanted to take grandson Church to meet our English partners in Traditional Devon. And if, along the way, we discovered a likely cow she planned to make a gift to Church of embryos from that cow.

Not surprisingly we found what we were looking for at Shiamala Comer’s Ashott-Barton farm in Somerset. We had to be patient while the young heifer grew up…and then endure disappointment when none of the first four implants “took”.

This year we implanted the final four embryos and again two were a failure. But we also learned we had two viable pregnancies. And now Church has a final gift from his Grammy.

Bribery calf
This is the first Bribery calf in the United States and strong and healthy like her English cousins. This would be a good place to note that Thistle Hill uses only the finest Devon young mama cows as recipients.

We think that the are three elements in a truly successful transplant…the embryo, the recipient cow and the pasture. We don’t want to short-change our little calves on any of the three.