Rodeo-ing….Thistle Hill style….

by David

IMG_1487….the heavy snow 10 days ago kept us out of the pasture for about a week….and so this heifer calf didn’t get tagged.  Mom is descended from Bill Roberts 12 Stones Grasslands Farm herd.  The sire is Traditional Devon’s ™ Highwayman.

We finally got the job done when our son-in-law Curt Humphreys did a running jump off the Gator…and bull-dogged the very feisty calf in the open field.  (Maybe the Super Bowl was the inspiration).

This wraps up calving for the year (2015) and because of repeated embryo work, we’ve fallen farther and farther behind in our hoped-for October calving.  We’ve reached the point now where we may have to switch to Spring calving.

January and February can be very tough months for a cow-calf operation.  We did lose one valuable cow this time who slipped on the ice and a calf who froze.  Our hills can be treacherous in bad weather, which is why we stay away.