Made in the USA….

by David

….Traditional Devon America™ reached another milestone 20140920_1with the birth of this little bull calf.  TDA is a partnership of three American breeders focused on importing traditional English Red Devon genetics to the United States.

The dam of this calf….one of the first English embryos conceived at a clinic in Oxford and the daughter of two British Devon champions….was Tilbrook CastillerCashtiller was particularly note-worthy for the great bulls she produced.20140920_6

The AI sire of this little guy was Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon, but we’ll do him a favor and call him Falcon, for short.  He’s just over 12 hours old in these photos but we’re hopeful.  We calve our heifers in a pasture right in front of the house to keep an eye on things, but though this was a particularly small heifer, she had no trouble smoothly delivering a good-sized calf in about 90 minutes.