Know your farmer…

by David

…was never more true if you care about the food you eat.    

In recent years, organic and natural foods have begun to take a small slice of the household budget.  It’s still minuscule compared to the total spent on groceries and eating out.

But Big Ag and it’s allies in the chemical industry have taken notice of the upstart…and with the support of the government, they’ve been fighting back…muddying the water with deceptive labeling and advertising.

A farmer just north of us in Chambersburg, PA finally had enough the other day and exploded on his website.

With the connivance of Washington, we can no longer trust claims like grass fed or all-natural or even organic.  The nation’s food producers have found ways of getting around even the loosely-drawn regulations now in pace.

And as the author here correctly notes: big operators have developed slick marketing websites to take advantage of gullible consumers.

The only answer is to buy local and from a farmer you can trust.

One other tip: the con-men have invaded many farmers markets, too!