In support of a 50-year farm bill…

by David

…by a giant in the field of regenerative agriculture.  No one has better captured the beauty of farming in sync with nature than Wendell Berry.  The Kentucky farmer, poet, writer and environmentalist writes in the Atlantic in support of the 50-year farm bill.

While Berry may stand alone in his wordcraft, I do want to mention an even earlier writer I think qualifies as the father of the sustainable ag movement:  Louis Bromfield.  His Malabar Farms had a big impact on even my city anchored family in the 40s.  I still recall my mother and father reading aloud from Malabar Farms at our dinner table.  Still on my personal bucket list is a visit to Malabar Farms in Ohio which is now a museum and park open to the public.

Bromfield was a Hollywood screenwriter who moved to Ohio to reclaim a worn out farm.  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married at Malabar.