Famed Devon breeder a stroke victim….

by David

Gerard (Jerry) Engh of Lakota Ranch has been stricken by a serious stroke.  Son Jeremy Engh tells the American Devon Cattle Association (ADCA) that the stroke occurred several weeks ago and Jerry is recuperating at the ranch in Remington.

Jeremy says it may take a few months before there is a full recovery.

The senior Engh played the key role in keeping the Devon breed going through the dark days of the feed lot craze.  There was a time when an Association meeting would draw only a handful of breeders.  Today, with the merger of ADCA and its offshoot NADA in the offing, there are several hundred Devon farms in the United States.

In his “other” life, Jerry is a leading orthopaedic surgeon in the Washington, DC area.

Our prayers are with Jerry and his family.