Cooling it on the Mason-Dixon line….

by David

FullSizeRender….some of the cows we’ve sold write back to tell us things are better than they ever were at Thistle Hill.  Here’s THF Red Lad for instance getting a cooling shower out in the pasture at Spring Pastures Farm in Maryland.

Brooke Henley tells us her farm in now ready to start offering meat.  If you live near the Sharpsburg/Harpers Ferry area you may want to make a note.  Brooke’s email is

When people come to check out our cows they don’t realize that Wooz is checking them out, too.  Wooz’ instincts were clearly on target with Brooke and husband, Tom Garnett.   (yes, she has refused some sales)

BTW:  I’m reminded that Regina Tesnow at Tomina Farm in Tennessee actually brought our THF Casino into a chute and gave him a sponge bath in hot weather!