Click bait…

by David

…although we didn’t call it that back in my ink-stained days of newspapering.  Back then editors were always looking for photos that would help sell papers.

The formula was simple…pretty girls, babies and animals.  Get a picture with two out of three and you were guaranteed good placement in the paper.

Today with the Internet and Facebook they call it “clickbait”…and here’s an example:

Mackenzie Mason and lamb.
Photo by Church Humphreys

A baby lamb qualifies as a two-for and the pretty girl is our Mackenzie Mason.

The lamb is a kind of rescue project…it has a bone fracture making it difficult to balance and walk.  Church took over care of the animal while on rounds with our local vet.

Still not sure it will make it.  Her name is fitting….Izzy…as in “is she going to make it or not”?