Call me Brexit?

by David

Just a thought after all the hoops we had to jump through to get this little girl and her sister out of England.

F20 - Thistle Farm Calf

We spotted her granddam years ago but her owner—-Shiamala Comer—-didn’t like the wear and tear flushing eggs put on a cow.

Fast forward 10 years and Wooz finally convinced Shiamala to sell us a Bribery heifer. That she was to be a gift to grandson Church and that this would be Wooz’ last trip to England secured the deal.

Still we had to wade through a ton of export paperwork while we waited for our heifer to grow up. Finally we flushed her to one of our favorite bulls.

F20 is the result…just two years old and growing nicely. Her sister is doing well, too. Wooz’ persistence has paid off…though she didn’t live to see the little heifers

Church’s plan is to judge the first calves of the Bribery sisters and then flush one of them to secure the Bribery line in America.