Buddy update….

by David

….IMG_0545yes our rescue efforts with a twin abandoned by his dam continue.  Dee Carter, our housekeeper, farm hand, and most of all, dear friend and neighbor, has made “Buddy” her particular labor of love.

As his mother quickly figured out, “Buddy” isn’t “right”….hind legs crippled, hooves malformed and mostly blind.  So he wanders the home pasture, trying to stay close to the herd, but often left behind.  Twice every day, Dee hunts him out and feeds him two half-gallon bottles of milk replacer.

“Buddy” is five months old now, generally in good health, eats grass in addition to the milk.  Thanks to Dee and Wooz, he’s had some kind of a life…but now we’re trapped and can’t decide on his fate.  Perhaps if he grows enough….veal?