Bill Gates…devil or…

by David


Gates is by no means the first well-meaning billionaire to float his save-the-world schemes.  And in the process cause as much harm as good.

Not surprisingly he has a technological solution for everything and that has put him cross-wise with the regenerative ag movement.

Gates’ recommendation now that rich nations all abandon meat for the artificial stuff is nonsense but it’s getting a serious hearing.  

Our neighbor down the road Joel Salatin neatly skewers the pretensions of Gates in his latest blog.

At Thistle Hill we’re satisfied with our 20-year experiment of doing things naturally.  Raising grazing animals on grass without chemicals…fertilizers or poisons…producing meat that is good for the consumer, the animal, the land, and the farmer.

 And as Alan Savory has demonstrated in Africa, regenerative agriculture offers the best hope for that continent’s starving population  .   

Only a monstrous ego living in a bubble would think changing nature instead of working with it is the magic answer.