A world without antibiotics….

by David

….I switched dentists the other day and, for the first time in more than 30 years, the hygienist presented a cup with four little pills….yes, routine, preventive, antibiotic therapy.  The explanation was that I’d undergone hip surgery in 1980 and there was a danger of infection when she cleaned my teeth.  Never mind  that I had somehow survived almost four decades of dental work, including extractions, crowns and the like, without antibiotics…the young woman and the older dentist were insistent.

So I did what any obedient subject of modern medicine would do:  I palmed the pills and threw them away later.  But I wonder, as with red meat and red wine, when the average medical man is going to catch up with recent research.  Or is it already too late?


We’ve seen that number for some time:  80% of the antibiotics are used in agriculture…a routine part of the diet for most animals (including almost all the ones you eat in restaurants and from supermarkets) to keep them alive until they’re slaughtered.  That’s because they’re raised is such deplorable conditions they’d die ahead of schedule otherwise.

We also understand that we’ve run out of money to develop any new, more powerful antibiotics so we’re approaching the end of the line.  Literally.  No need to worry about global warming.

I would add the usual recommendations about eating Thistle Hill beef and pork—never any antibiotics, hormones, etc—but the most recent steers we harvested three days ago were sold out in 20 minutes.