A red calf and “end times”…

by David

…fools rush in, as they say, but we’re going to have to dissent from this announcement from the Temple Institute in Israel.

The Institute has hailed the birth of a pure red calf as a sign its time to build the Third Temple. Some Evangelicals consider it a sign of the end times.

What we are presented with here is a calf conceived in a Red Angus mother and the resultant embryo imported to Israel. There is no identification of the bull involved. Nor is there any identification of a pedigree much less one tracing back 2000 years.

The rabbis seem to have their genetics a bit weak. An earlier candidate for the red heifer turned out to be a bull…and another developed patches of white. A calf conceived to a Red Angus cow and implanted in an Israeli cow is still just a Red Angus.