Thistle Hill as laboratory….

by David

20150817_9….we’re fortunate to be considered something of a “place to see” if you’re studying this business (profession? trade? art?) of raising grass fed cattle.  Not long ago, we were visited by Sarah Flack who is in the very early stages of her career in forages,though she got quite a head start as a member of the Flack family, one of the important names in Milking Devon.

And now at the very other end (my end) of the career time-line, we were pleased to welcome Martha Holdridge who writes an important blog with the address:  Martha (seen here with Waniqing Zhou…a young Chinese woman with World Watch and a story in herself)…and her late husband came to the grass fed world after a distinguished diplomatic career.

Martha is too much the lady to say so, but I suspect we disappointed her because we didn’t have the usual polywire up subdividing our pastures into smaller paddocks.  However, we’d just been spraying microbes and all the wires get in the way.

If you seriously interested in this grass fed stuff, Martha’s blog is a good place to check out.