The Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

by David

….celebrates the 13th birthday of its charter member!  Thistle Hill Goldie celebrated the day at his home in Bugtussle, Kentucky.  IMGP3096Eric Smith reports Goldie is still going strong after all these years.

We’re often asked what’s the useful life of a bull and we normally say 10 to 12 years.  Looks like we’re going to recognize the “Goldie Rule”.  Happy Birthday, Goldie…and many more!

This reminds me that one of the big advantages of a grass fed bull is longevity….along with potency.  Grass fed bulls do have higher semen counts.

Incidentally, “Bugtussle” is not as unusual a name for a town (and farm) as you might think.  There’s also a Bugtussle, Oklahoma…home of the late Speaker of the House, Carl Albert.  I traveled to Bugtussle with “The Little Giant from Little Dixie” 50 or so years ago, where I first (and last) tasted a delicacy the locals called “prairie oysters”.

What happens in Bugtussle stays in Bugtussle!