Looking for volunteers….

by David

….and here they are from the main herd. A big week at Thistle Hill as we implant embryos from the two heifers we purchased in England.  There are four more waiting in another pasture….young cows who’ve had just one or two calves.

Again, we’re congratulating ourselves for choosing Red Devon some years ago….they are calm and easy to handle in this sensitive project.  You can see the current calves relaxing just outside the pen.  The process takes about 10-15 minutes per cow, including moving them into the chute and headgate.


Dr. Tom Massey of Rose Hill Veterinary Service did the implant work this time.  We enjoy working with Tom because he provides a running commentary and keeps us “in the loop” on the decision-making.IMG_0563

Two of the recips were finally rejected because of small cysts on their uterus.  And two others just didn’t feel right.

So the final total was 12….and now we wait a month before pregnancy checking to learn how many “took”.  A stressful wait.