Like grandma…like grandson….

by David

….as regular readers know, we’ve been checking the performance of the animals we’ve imported from England via embryo transplants.

Our leading lady in England, of course, is Tilbrook Cashtiller…the three-time national grand champion bred by Gavin Hunter.  She’s also the dam four years running of the top-priced bulls in the Devon Society’s annual sales.  Her son, raised here at Thistle Hill, is TDA Churchill.  And now, at just over two months of age, we noticed Cashtiller’s grandson, Thistle Hill Merlin, drudging through yesterday’s blizzard, alongside his mom.  She’s Thistle Hill’s Magical 64, who in turn is a daughter of Thistle Hill Magic.

Are we on to something?  You be the judge.  The picture is “soft”….it’s part of a bigger picture of the herd…from a distance.