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A breeding viewpoint….

….I assume that cattle breeders who read this blog, are also regulars at the Kit Pharo website.  If not, I suggest you should be. This week Kit links to an article in Beef Magazine that should resonate with all pure bred breeders…though it was aimed at the commercial cattleman.

The true cost of a bull….

  ….in recent weeks, we’ve noted the same concern expressed on both sides of the Atlantic.  In England, Farmers’ Weekly is warning that pumping up bulls with grain for shows and sales is setting up the buyer for an expensive disappointment. Farmers’ Weekly says, as we’ve noted here before, the heavy use of grain results […]

Kit blows the whistle…

….bull breeder Kit Pharo has a blurb in his weekly newsletter partially….if only partially….exposing the nonsense at many cattle auctions.  I recall the confusion I felt at my first auction 25 years ago and wondering how anyone could really understand what was going on. Eventually, as I watched the bidding and the auctioneer more closely, […]

The looming meat “cliff”….

…and we could be falling off that, too. Kit Pharo linked to the drought monitor today and it demonstrates that while the drought over much of the country is forgotten….it certainly isn’t gone! The drought has forced many ranchers we know in the Midwest and West to cut back their herds or even close […]

Once more with feeling…

….we were at a party last night where, once more, someone in one of the conversation circles, announced her family “just doesn’t eat much red meat anymore”.  Not a vegetarian exactly, you understand, just would rather not eat much red meat. Because I was a guest (and off-duty), I again let the remark pass.  I […]

Grandpa knows best….

It’s interesting to watch our old friend Kit Pharo move in the direction of becoming a “healthy eating” advocate.  For those of you who don’t know him, Kit is a very successful Colorado rancher who raised himself from rodeo vagabond to head what may be the largest bull stud operation in the country. We’re not […]