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Something else not added to Thistle Hill meat….

….another warning about the weed killer that is killing you:  glyphosate.  It’s everywhere….in fact, I see garden sprays actually bragging on the label in big letters that it’s in their mix. I think it is also important to mention in connection with those industry studies which “prove” that genetically-modified foods are safe”.  One thing those […]

The EPA stands guard….

….protecting our health!  Don’t dare light up a cigarette on the beach. But when it comes to pesticides in your food…the EPA says not to worry.  It’s just Monsanto doing its thing!

Just a rumor….

….but if I were still a reporter, I’d be on this one. There are reports in the Midwest that genetically-modified foods aren’t behaving as advertised and Monsanto has been buying-up old line seed companies. As I said, just rumor but maybe that chemical giant’s big bet may not be paying off.

The bugs win!!!

An important milestone that won’t get much press coverage:  A top-level health officials say we have indeed “run the course” of antibiotics.  Super-bugs have won the battle and there’s nowhere we can turn. Just a few days ago, there was an article…one of dozens we’ve seen…worrying about where all this is headed.  But now, […]

Get the dirt out of food!

Sounds good in Washington.  And in the Big Food board rooms. So the FDA is going to crack down on—who else—small farmers.  The idea is we should all disinfect our produce and pack it in plastic.  Okay, so there’s a big recall underway right now for vegetables that Big Food packed just that way.  But […]

GMO….what’s it worth to you….

….$15-million dollars or more if you’re Monsanto, DuPont, or your neighborhood supermarket and their buddies.  That’s how much they’re pouring into a fight in Washington State to prevent consumers from knowing whether they’re eating genetically-modified food. Most places in the world require a GMO warning label on food but not in the United States.  (Somehow Democrats […]

This will turn out well….

….it could just be that Monsanto has an extra couple bucks laying around and they want to improve the world.  I’m sure stranger things have happened, but I can’t recall when. Anyway, the Frankenseed company has just purchased a weather data bank for about a billion dollars.  Why?  The Monsanto executive in charge of strategy says […]

Myth busting – Part 3….

….I’m from the government and I’m here to protect you. Bt toxin has been around for a long time; a major ingredient in pesticides farmers use on crops such as corn.  But those clever folks at Monsanto developed Genetically Modified Corn that puts the Bt toxin right in the seed. Well, along with all the […]

The menace that is Monsanto….

….I know it’s the proverbial broken record, but if there’s one thing I’m “called” to do, other than eat grass fed beef, it’s keeping Monsanto front in center.  There probably is no greater menace to the well-being of the world (and, yes, I include Islamic terrorism, Iran, Vladimir Putin and the Dallas Cowboys in the […]

Does this really frighten….

….Big Ag (Monsanto) and Big Government (USDA)?  Clearly they’re doing everything they can to prevent small farming from getting another grip on the country. Personally, I don’t think there’s a chance though we’re believers, supporters and do-ers.  The only way we’ll ever feed ourselves again is there’s a calamity and we’re forced to.  The problem […]