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A partial victory…

…with Bayer pulling it’s Round-up herbicide from the home market. The major ingredient in Round-up is glyphosate…linked to cancers including non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Round-up will still be available for agricultural use despite continuing court cases against the product. The story in full David

A special place in hell….

….reserved for Monsanto, I trust.  Now they’ve found Roundup in California wines….not some of them….all of them.  Even the organic wines! Thanks to Church Matthews for the link. Glyphosate Found in 100% of California Wines Tested

Gluten sensitivity….maybe not….

….here’s a nutritionist that makes the point that gluten has been around for thousands of years.  While all the gluten sensitivity now? (To be honest, I suspected it was one of those yuppie diseases). But here’s an explanation that makes sense to me: Thanks to Dawn Gerrish for the link.  

What could possibly go wrong?

Call me a cynic, but I think we could write up the results of the study right now.

We’re in the very best of hands….

….that is if you depend on locally-grown food from a farmer you can trust.  If you’re depending on the USDA, not so much.  The Government Accounting Office has investigated the USDA’s testing procedures and found them serious lacking.  Turns out the government checks only a miniscule amount of foods for toxic residue…..and when it comes […]

Round-up (glysophate) is just about everywhere…

….we’ve made the point here that genetically-modified foods may or may not pose a health risk, but there’s no doubt that the wide-spread use of Monsanto’s Round-up in raising GMO crops certainly does.  It’s also true that wheat farmers apply heavy doses of Round-up in their fields….and right before harvest….though wheat is not a GMO crop. […]

Is the USDA sustainable….

….one of my favorite websites is the work of Paul and Gabe Brown…..holistic ranchers just outside Bismarck, North Dakota.  Recently they linked to an article in a Yale publication that does the best job I’ve seen so far of explaining the way Big Ag and Big Government are chasing their tails….trying to get ahead of […]

Something else not added to Thistle Hill meat….

….another warning about the weed killer that is killing you:  glyphosate.  It’s everywhere….in fact, I see garden sprays actually bragging on the label in big letters that it’s in their mix. I think it is also important to mention in connection with those industry studies which “prove” that genetically-modified foods are safe”.  One thing those […]