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A reunion…

…with my friend and mentor Jim Gerrish the other day.  Jim is the acknowledged guru in the grass fed business. He first came to Thistle Hill Farm about 15 years ago and was influential in designing our grazing plan.  When people rave about the taste of our meat…they’re really raving about Jim. So when I […]

We knew her “when”….

….Thistle Hill is fortunate in the company it gets.  I guess it’s because we try so many things and have become a real world laboratory.  We’ve hosted visitors from around the world and learned from them all. One who stopped by last year was Sarah Flack, a young forage expert.  She was writing a book […]

About that “Ice Bucket Challenge”….

….our favorite farm consultant, Jim Gerrish, says “no thank you”!  From his Facebook: Gerrish September 3 at 5:33pm ·  I agree with Jordan on my unwillingness to participate in the ALS ice bucket challenge because I do not believe sending funds to any of the so-called medical research foundations will do anything to cure these […]

The Thistle Hill girls are all happy….

….starting with Wooz.  Grandson Church is back from his “gig” in Idaho working for “pasture wizard” Jim Gerrish.  Wooz was worried about her little grandbaby with a thousand Angus after dealing with no more than a handful of  our docile Devon. Not to worry, of course.  Church was even the lone hand on the ranch […]

Red wine shortage strikes eastern US….

….which can only mean that Jim Gerrish and I have been at the Thistle Hill cellars again.  We call it a consultancy and from time to time I think we saw one of our cows, but mostly we ponder big strategic questions over Google Earth with a glass of red to clear our thinking. Actually, […]

In case you were wondering….

….we’ve finally herd from grandson, Church, explaining he hadn’t written because he’s been busy herding fish and stringing thousands of feet of wire on Jim Gerrish’s Idaho ranch.  The picture (click to enlarge) shows a moose sharing Church’s fishing hole. I hadn’t carefully thought out the possible ramifications of this summer job.  Our grandson’s letter […]

Some kids have all the luck….

….our grandson, Church, for instance.  He’s had the great good luck to be taken in hand by Jim Gerrish, the pasture expert, and put to work this summer at Jim’s ranch in Idaho. This is a picture of them herding fish in one of the mountain streams on the ranch.  Actually it was just a […]

Is it alright to be jealous….

….of your own grandson? Church has the summer experience of a lifetime….working with Jim Gerrish at his Idaho ranch.  We’re going to miss his help here and we’re also a little worried that he’s going to want to change everything when he gets back. Wooz is more worried her grand-baby is going to get lost […]

Yes, it’s true – 2…..

…we hope you’re following the discussion following the post we did on the Greg Judy farm and mob grazing.  Pasture expert Jim Gerrish has chimed in…and I suspect the debate is not over yet.  Scroll down to “Yes, it’s true….”

Breeding heifers…and more…

The other day some of us got into a discussion, via email, about breeding heifers.  But as these things go, we wandered off topic quite a bit.  When I signed off, I realized that  there might be some thought-starters in our ramblings for readers of this blog and so I have reproduced it here with the […]