Buddy Update….

by David

IMG_1573….just over a month ago, one of our cows gave birth to twins but there was something “not right” about one of her babies.  She went through all the right steps trying to get it to its feet and nurse….but he wouldn’t respond.  For two days she stayed close to him but he just wouldn’t get up.  Finally, she left him behind and went off with his healthy sister.

Wooz insisted we take him to our garage where, after a heavy dose of antibiotics—and gallons of milk replacer—plus salve for swollen hooves and legs, we finally got him up.  Despite my continued pessimism, Wooz and a neighbor who works with us, Dee Carter,  didn’t give up.  “Buddy” now is out in a pasture, walks almost normally, even runs a bit.  He still gets milk a couple of times a day but is enjoying the new grass.

That’s a surrogate mother behind him.  She’s already weaned her calf…doesn’t nurse “Buddy”…but does keep him close.  He’s mostly blind and would be lost in the pasture without her.

I know, a “serious” cattleman wouldn’t bother…..that is, unless they were married to Wooz.