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Myth busting – Part 3….

….I’m from the government and I’m here to protect you. Bt toxin has been around for a long time; a major ingredient in pesticides farmers use on crops such as corn.  But those clever folks at Monsanto developed Genetically Modified Corn that puts the Bt toxin right in the seed. Well, along with all the […]

Gilding the lily….

….that’s pretty much what I think about bacon recipes.  Really can’t imagine anything improving the flavor and aroma of lovely Tamworth bacon (from Thistle Hill, of course). But recently the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund had a “Baconpalooza” event at Polyface Farms in Virginia…and 250 people jammed Joel Salatin’s farm near Staunton to bear witness.  […]

Myth busting – Part 2….

From time to time we’re asked why we’re not organic….”just” grass fed. Well, for openers I don’t want the government approving or disapproving of what I choose to eat.  I can’t think of any personal freedom more important than that.  But beyond that, you can farm “organically” and still do terrible things to your cows, […]

Myth-busting – Part 1….

….we don’t make a big thing of it, but we’re basically gluten-free in our kitchen.  Wooz believes in it; I just feel better and it also helps keep my weight down.  As for the science of it, I’m an agnostic. Is the whole thing just a fad?  Hype? Here’s an article that’s fun with all the […]