You just don’t get it….

by David

….a Washington Post reporter passes over the fact right before his eyes.  (This is my shocked face!)

Chipotle, which was the darling of the fast-food category for a time, has run into a bad patch.  The chain has been plagued with an outbreak of E.coli that has forced it to close a number of stores….sales are off….the stock is down.

Why the sudden bad luck?  Well you have to read down to the 12th paragraph before the reporter notes—only in passing—that Chipotle changed it business plan two years ago.  The chain that was built on quality, grass fed beef switched to conventionally-raised beef (meaning like everybody else) and the food born illnesses started right after that.

Do you think?  Duh.

Note that Chipotle’s answer is to “improve” its’ food-handling processes….not its food sources.  They are after all closely-watched by the USDA.