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So far, so good…..

….our Traditional Devon America™ bull, Churchill, has a second calf to his credit.  She’s a day-old in this picture, the daughter of a Senepol/Devon cross heifer. The birth was easy (easy for me to say)….we saw the heifer go into labor…drove back across the street to get a tag…and the calf was actually already on […]


….testing.  We have bred three of our Traditional Devon™ America English bulls to American cows now….part of developing a track record on our imported genetics. Here are two by either TDA Churchill or TDA Wellington….we’re not sure which…the DNA people aren’t even sure.  We hadn’t anticipated that problem dealing with flush mates.  But we’re sure […]

Another milestone….

…another successful experiment. We decided to try our English traditional Devon bulls on a few of our heifers…here at Thistle Hill and in South Carolina.  And yesterday afternoon, without any warning, came the result:  a heifer calf by a fairly small heifer.  Delivered without problem. The problem is we’re not sure which bull is the […]

Mission accomplished….

Traditional Devon’s English bull, Churchill, returns to his Thistle Hill pasture after an extremely successful stay at North American Breeders for collection. The tech there called him “fantastic”…and we agree.  In fact, grass fed bulls generally are far more fertile than grain fed.  With all the news reports about declining sperm counts in western males, […]