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Roundtable: Can I make money selling grass fed beef (continued)….

We could call this Exhibit A in our discussion.  Someone who is making money with a small grass fed beef farm. If you want to begin at the beginning, scroll down to the roundtable that featured four men with wide experience in all phases of grass fed beef marketing….local to national…operating solely or in combination […]

Still more on marketing grass fed beef….

….my recent post on the price disadvantage American producers face when competing against foreign grass fed beef (see below “Roundtable:  Can I make money selling grass fed beef) needs some fine tuning.  My point was that I pay almost four times as much for butchering as my competitor in Tasmania.  And so foreign beef can absorb […]

Are food hubs part of the answer….

….we recently hosted a roundtable on the problems smaller producers face in marketing their grass fed beef.  (see below, “Roundtable: Can I make money selling grass fed beef”) We were a bit surprised that farmers markets didn’t come up.  Several cattlemen we know have tried them and generally found them useful in building a customer base.  Eventually, […]

The “low cost” of beef….

….well, if you import it from Tasmania anyway. Our recent round-table discussion opened up a number of avenues that the “old reporter” in me couldn’t resist. One was the discovery that US Wellness, the largest marketer of grass fed beef on the Internet, was importing some of its meat from Tasmania.  (Yes, I had to […]

Roundtable: Can I make money selling grass fed beef?

It’s a question that comes up whenever a new Devon breeder recognizes the gourmet quality of the meat in his pasture:  can I sell this animal at a reasonable profit or do I have to settle for the price dictated by the auction barn?  That same new Devon breeder also quickly becomes discouraged when he […]


….or should that be addenda?  Addendae? Anyway, here’s more on managing heifers growing out of our Roundtable below.  Both Bill Roberts and Juliet Cleave have posted comments along the way the past several days but I thought these two were worthy of special attention so I brought them up here. If you haven’t seen Juliet’s […]

Commenting on the comments…

Two readers of our blog (see the Roundtable below and the comments added) have prompted a response from Bill Roberts of 12 Stones Grasslands Beef. To comment on both thoughtful comments to the blog: We work with top grass fed cattle producers coast to coast.  Several run grass cow/calf operations in the thousands and several […]

Breeding heifers…and more…

The other day some of us got into a discussion, via email, about breeding heifers.  But as these things go, we wandered off topic quite a bit.  When I signed off, I realized that  there might be some thought-starters in our ramblings for readers of this blog and so I have reproduced it here with the […]