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Another bacon recipe…

…but first a confession.  Growing up I had potatoes at every meal….including breakfast.  That’s because Grandpa was “the potato king” of Market street in Chicago although after The Crash he was the exiled potato king. Still his devotion to potatoes held firm and now that he was out of work, he came to our house […]

Here’s the recipe….

….for that Maple Mustard Ham Steak with Sherry-Raisin Sauce.  Son-in-law Bill found it in the  “Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook.” 1 cup apple cider 1/3 cup dry sherry 1/4 cup raisins 3 Tablespoons maple syrup 1 teaspoon unsalted butter 4 teaspoons country-style Dijon mustard 1 pound ham steak + preheat the broiler, coat broiler pan […]

The best things in life are….

….made with grass fed beef! Like this beef stew.  (Pardon me, my daughter the English major may see this:  Such as this beef stew!)  And it was only the proverbial “gilding the lily” to toss in some Hennessey’s. We first tasted it at Linda Maurer’s house, she of Springhaven Farm near Madison (sorry, address not available), […]

A bacon explosion!

I yield to no man in my love of bacon!  (As long as it is Tamworth bacon!) But these folks do seem to be carrying their passion a bit far.  You may want to file this away for warmer weather.

Tough but tasty….

….one of the curious things we have noticed about meat, at least to our palate, is that there seems to be a correlation between tough and tasty.  That was first brought to our attention by our butcher, Doug Aylesworth of Blue Ridge meats. It was he who first suggested we try marketing chuck steaks.  Frankly, […]

Cooking brisket….

When children, grandchildren and great-grandchild get together for Christmas Eve dinner, you need a substantial piece of meat.  Brisket, I think, is the perfect choice.  Several of our Thistle Hill customers report they also had wonderful meals this year, slow-cooking our grass fed brisket. So I share Wooz’ “old family recipe”, which is certainly old […]