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Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

….a bouncing baby boy by Thistle Hill Red Lad.  Brooke Henley in Burkittsville, Maryland says he’s “growing like a weed” despite being born in a snowstorm. Brooke and husband, Tom Garnett, are calling him Snowball.  Dad is descended from our Watson bull and our first really outstanding cow, R3, who is still producing beautiful calves […]

Singing in the rain…

….what’s a little rain when you can welcome a new baby first thing in the morning?  Even when you get clean jeans muddy tagging her?  This heifer is by 256 out of Thistle Hill Jackpot.  So far the bull/heifer ration is just about even. Old hat now for “R3“….her bull calf is by Thistle Hill Reality.  […]

Here we go again….

….the start of a new calving season with A123.  He’s a “he”….by Thistle Hill Reality.  A bull we sold as a youngster but brought back for a command performance when we saw how well he had matured.  We like it when calves confidently accept our attention—and tagging—on their very first contact. Wooz wants to name […]