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Dog heaven….

….at least if you’re an English Shepherd.   Unlike us, “Jack“, owned by our friends Linda and Rich Maurer, can’t get enough of the stuff. We’ve noticed the same delight with our “Pokey”.  Normally ready to come in and join the humans, Pokey has been staying out for hours burrowing and jumping into snow banks.  We just […]

Pokey gets the idea…sorta…

….ok…it’s still only sheep…and if you make a mistake and praise her, she’ll break-off and come over for a pat….but these are even “new” sheep!  Pokey went to an adjacent field to find the flock…rounded-them up…moved them through the gate in the background…. and brought them to trainer Monroe Williams of Strasburg. Monroe has now decided […]

Tracking Pocahontas….

….”Pokey“, of course.  Our English shepherd puppy is now exactly a year old and showing great aptitude doing what English farm dogs do. This is her first time out working sheep with expert trainer Monroe Williams of Possum Hollow Farm near Strasburg, Virginia.  Hopefully, “graduating” to larger animals will be a breeze. Wooz reports that […]

And here she is!

Our new English Shepherd…Pokey Two or Okie.  Just don’t expect her to come when you call using her real name, Bonnie.  For some reason she likes Pokey and Okie. This also seems to be her favorite place: the front steps of the library.  From here she can watch the driveway for intruders and the cows […]

Farewell, dear Pokey….

Our little Pokey died a week ago during a procedure to have her spayed.  We’re not sure but apparently the cause of death was an aneurysm. Whatever, it was an unexpected and devastating loss.  In the few short months she was with us, she took over our home and our lives.  She was still learning […]

The girls of Thistle Hill…

…slow down for a picture.  All except for our Lab, who was off chasing squirrels.  Pokey (Pocahontas) is now just over four months old and is as smart as she is beautiful.  Much the same could be said about Wooz. The highlight of Pokey’s day is to ride along on the Gator and supervise moving […]

Morning chores…

It’s the twice-a-day routine.  Pokey sets out with Wooz to feed the pigs and check on the heifers.  (They share a pasture)  (I mean the pigs and heifers; not Wooz and Pokey.) We’ve not had a dog, certainly not a puppy, who is content simply trotting alongside, watching what needs to be done.  She won’t […]

So now you have a choice….

You can look at pictures of our great-grandson, our 14 grandchildren or our new hired hand.  She flew in from Oklahoma the other night, arriving in excellent condition and more than matching our expectations. Her name is Pocahontas, and that recommended her still further.  Pocahontas of course was the legendary Virginia Indian maiden.  However, before she even […]