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What about bone marrow?

Don’t know.  Certainly love what I taste when I have osso bucco. But I have never really focused on the subject until our butcher, Doug Aylestock of Blue Ridge Meats, cut up some from our latest animal to introduce us to the treat.  I’ve always been really happy with the soup bones we get from […]

Commenting on the comments…

Two readers of our blog (see the Roundtable below and the comments added) have prompted a response from Bill Roberts of 12 Stones Grasslands Beef. To comment on both thoughtful comments to the blog: We work with top grass fed cattle producers coast to coast.  Several run grass cow/calf operations in the thousands and several […]

Don’t cut back….

…on the minerals.  We’ve noticed in the past week or two that the cows have suddenly increased their intake of minerals.  We’re assuming the bitterly cold temperatures have finally done-in the fescue grass, which is pretty good feed in the winter.  But the cows (or in this case, the young bulls) know best.  We’ve also begun […]

The secret ingredient….

….in Thistle Hill cows and beef. But it’s no secret, we’ve been saying for some time we think (next to Wooz’ care, of course) it’s our mineral program.  Visitors invariably remark that they have never seen a group of healthier, more vital animals than those at Thistle Hill. We do a lot of experimenting, try […]

Still another innovation at Thistle Hill….

 We’re constantly experimenting here at Thistle Hill, looking for new and better ways to care for our farm and our cattle and, not incidentally, improve the quality of our meat.  This tanker truck is spraying some test pastures with a mixture of microbes and fungi…one of several approaches we’re using to strengthen the root system […]

All dirt is not the same…..

Water (not oil) may be our most precious resource but dirt isn’t far behind.  And with all the changes we’ve made to our pastures at Thistle Hill (and the addition of more acreage) we thought it was time for a complete analysis of our soil. So last week we brought in Tellus Consulting again for […]

Not all food is created equal….

A good friend has written an article on food production that we think deserves wider dissemination than we offer here…..but we’ll do our bit. Organizations such as Weston A. Price are stout advocates of what is termed “nutrient dense food”.  It’s a phrase that is beginning to find its way into popular literature and Bill […]

On the soap box (again)…

If Thistle Hill has a secret weapon, it may be our mineral program.  It’s certainly not a “top secret”; many natural livestock people do what we do.  But it is not generally used in the commercial industry because of the cost involved. A cow grazing in the wild doesn’t need mineral supplementation.  She can select […]