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The Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

“Shenandoah“….a yearling heifer who is the result of a pairing here at Thistle Hill.  The dam is Q1 and the sire, U2 “Double Trouble”. Q1 was an older cow we sent into retirement in the South—Tomina Farms in Tennessee—but, as you can see, she’s still working for Regina and Tom Tesnow.  Actually, at 8 years […]

Thistle Hill alumni club…

….a match that began here at Thistle Hill but consummated at the Hendrix farm in South Carolina.  THF 64’s new heifer by THF 31.  This is now the third heifer in a row for 64.  Grandma is still in our herd and also producing mostly heifers. The sire, THF 31, is a Thistle Hill Magic […]

Mission accomplished….

….we’ve just returned from delivering a load of six females to South Carolina, to Linda Hendrix and her son Dr. John Hendrix.  Their farm in Pacolet is rapidly becoming Thistle Hill South. The shipment included four bred heifers, being off-loaded here by our good friend, Glen Covington, who in real life manages our local co-op.  […]

The Thistle Hill alumni club…

…well the son of an alum, anyway.  This young seven-month old bull, Tomina Farms Titan, is the son of Thistle Hill’s Magic.  Magic was the meatiest bull we’ve ever raised here and he’s seen herd sire duty first at Tomina Farms in Tennessee and then gone on to Louisiana. Whenever Regina Tesnow sends us pictures from […]

Magic becomes a centerfold….

….our thanks to Tomina Farms and Regina Tesnow for featuring Thistle Hill Magic S484 in their center-spread ad in the American Devon Cattle Association newsletter.  Magic’s fame is certainly spreading and Tomina Farms is now marketing his semen.  Here’s the centerfold: tominafarms2pgspread You can contact us if you’d like semen and we’ll pass on the […]

Praise from across the pond….

…our English friend and partner, Angus Cottey, saw the picture of Thistle Hill Magic on our home page and wrote a glowing appraisal.  We’re immodest enough to share it.  Angus knows cows and a compliment for an American bull from the Brits is no small thing. He writes: “Magic looks a tremendous Bull, I recall […]

Magic semen available…

 If you come direct to this blog and skip the home page, we’d like to suggest you go back.  Featured is Thistle Hill Magic, a bull we sold awhile back to Tomina Farms in Tennessee.  Now Regina and Tom Tesnow have collected his semen and it’s available for sale both at Tomina Farms and here […]