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Re-charging our batteries….

….every year we return to England…and follow the same path…visiting old friends like  Gavin Hunter of Tilbrook farm not far from Cambridge.  We find looking at, and talking about, Devon with breeders like Gavin is a diversion and a challenge. Gavin is the top supplier of Devon bulls in England and we generally make Tilbrook […]

Meanwhile, back home….

….our English partner, Gavin Hunter, continues to breed exceptional bulls.  In fact, he probably sells more Devon bulls than any other breeder. His great cow, Tilbrook Cashtiller, had an unbroken string of three top sellers in the Devon show and sale.  And now her daughter, Cashtiller 10th, is carrying the flag.  Here’s her son, Tilbrook […]

Running in more posh circles….

….our English colleague, Gavin Hunter, is congratulated by HRH Camilla at the Royal Show in Devon.  Gavin’s  newest young bull took second place at both the Devon and the Bath and West shows….and his Tilbrook Thomas finished first at Bath. Gavin tells us plans are being completed for the next world Devon tour in England in June, 2016.  […]

Batteries recharged….

….and we’re just back from our annual sabbatical in England.  We’re overwhelmed with the backlog, of course, but didn’t want to keep you waiting. First stop, Gavin Hunter’s Tilbrook Farm and here’s the latest in a long line of his winners.  This guy is just seven months old and Gavin has already set him aside […]

Tilbrook Cashtiller, R.I.P…..

The great English champion Tilbrook Cashtiller has been put down.  She was the prettiest cow I have ever seen. Cashtiller campaigned in British shows for several years and was never beaten.  A great moment came at a Royal Cornwall show where she was named not only champion cow but Grand Champion.  Her ribbons, silver trophies […]