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All for one….

….one of the pleasures of being a part of the grass fed and sustainable farming community is the fellowship and cooperative spirit of people learning together.  The process never stops and, like this small grazing meeting at Thistle Hill yesterday afternoon, people learn together and help each other improve their pastures. We like to think we’re […]

Yes, it’s true….

….Greg and Jan Judy’s Green Pastures farm certainly lives up to its name.  More than 50 would-be grazers attended Greg’s three-day program near Moberly, Missouri last week to study the power of mob grazing. It’s been a cold, wet spring but the proof was there as you drove down the road.  Greg’s green pastures alongside […]

Grass fed workshops….

….our friend Ridge Shinn will be holding a grass fed cattle workshop this Saturday, May 11th, at Hardwick, Massachusetts.  The day-long session will includes a wide range of topics including selecting, breeding and managing cattle for the grass fed beef market.  Here’s the registration form: Sorry we can’t attend but we’ll be in Missouri […]

Worth waiting for….

   ….the second pass over the new grass and we’re still moving them quickly.  The plan is to cover every pasture (but one) within 21 days.  The “one” is our Italian rye pasture, intended for the steers but they didn’t get the memo. We put the steers on the “special” grass earlier this week.  By the […]

Saving the planet….

….not exactly a humble goal, but that’s what is at stake. The earth’s surface has been turning into a vast desert, releasing more carbon into the atmosphere every year than all the fossil fuel engines combined.  This “browning” of the planet is the cause of all the hunger, suffering and war than we can possibly deal […]