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Our latest mama…

…is one of our favorites heifers and she’s handling motherhood like an old pro. The baby is a 70-pound bull calf…a blend of our American “2” line with the English bull Highwayman.  The “2’s” were always Wooz’ favorite and Highwayman’s grandsire was England’s famed Millennium.  Mama is camped out a safe distance from the herd […]

Still in his prime…

…Highwayman was one of our first pure traditional English bulls.  And he’s now pushing 10 years of age. His sire was the famed Falcon and the dam Ivan Rowe’s Norah. We did the pairing in England and it was our most successful flush ever…26 embryos! You can see one of his progeny by scrolling down […]

The next generation…

…and a picture of the result of mating our oldest American cow with a young British bull. The dam is 17 years old and still producing. But Church has decided it’s time to work in her replacement. This 16-month old heifer will be filling some mighty big hooves. Mom produced a string of outstanding bull […]

Hanging out with the guys…

…three of our bulls doing their own version of intensive grazing.  On the left Guardian, a Rotokawa-bred animal, and then two of our English bulls, Essington and Highwayman. The last two are both sired by the great Ashott-Barton bull, Millenium Falcon. My guess is they’re all favoring the grass right there because an underground stream […]


The oldest cow in our herd at 16, M180, greeted us with a bull calf. Baby is an 82 pound bull calf by an English bull, TDA Highwayman. M180 was purchased from Lakota ranch years ago and has produced a string of nice calves. She preg checked open and gave no sign she was expecting. […]

Thistle Hill Alumni Club….

…..Q48…was our first female when we switched to Devon in 2002.  We made the short trip down to Madison, VA  recently and Rich and Linda Maurer’s Springhaven farm, where 48 is still producing outstanding calves at 13 years of age.   Actually, we have double reason to be proud.  The Maurers brought 48 back home to […]

Probably ready to wean….

….the oldest of this year’s crop of Thistle Hill bull calves….THF 163…at 10 months.  He’s by Traditional Devon’s™ Highwayman.  The dam is one of our smaller American cows but from a top-producing line, X2a. The experts say you should expect a good cow to wean a calf half her weight.  Please don’t tell X2a!

Wooz’ favorite bull….

….currently away on a business trip.   He’s Traditional Devon’s™ Highwayman…one of our pure, traditional English bulls working with partner Bill Walker’s herd in South Carolina. Some of the “experts” consider this Frame One bull too small but not the lack of air between the stomach and the ground.  Highwayman is all meat…easy to maintain and […]

Meanwhile, back at the ranch….

….life ain’t so bad either. A group of our senior cows on a lazy Spring afternoon.  These are all being exposed to our “Jackpot“.  He comes down to us from Rotokawa 688 and 243.  A British bull, Highwayman, is doing the honors with the other half of our American herd. The English-imports also were bred […]

A battery of bulls….

….actually, our bull inventory is pretty low right now.  Our two-year olds are all sold and the group of yearlings is sandwiched between Traditional Devon™ Wellington on the left and Thistle Hill Jackpot on the right. To the left of Jackpot is a particularly exciting young English bull—TDA Highwayman—and next to him is another excellent prospect, […]