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Thistle Hill alumni club….

….it was a good weekend for heifer calves.  This little one (and again not so little) was born at Linda Hendrix and son, John’s, farm in South Carolina.  We sold mom as a bred heifer…the “bred” by Thistle Hill U2, who has done great things for our herd, too. Mom incidentally is a line bred […]

Thistle Hill alumni club…

….a match that began here at Thistle Hill but consummated at the Hendrix farm in South Carolina.  THF 64’s new heifer by THF 31.  This is now the third heifer in a row for 64.  Grandma is still in our herd and also producing mostly heifers. The sire, THF 31, is a Thistle Hill Magic […]

Thistle Hill (and then some)….

….the greatest reward we find is helping others start their Devon herds.  The excitement experienced by newcomers to the breed is infectious and never fails to remind us of our own original pleasure discovering these great cows. Case in point: Linda Hendrix and her son, John, of Pacolet, South Carolina.  In just two years they’ve […]