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A book for Devon lovers….

….Jeremy Engh’s new book—“Devon, Perfect for Pasture, Perfect for Plate” is now available.  We just ordered our copy from Amazon. Jeremy, of course, is the driving force behind Lakota Ranch, just down the road from us, as well as being the vice-president of the new RedDevon USA.  “Devon, Perfect for Pasture, Perfect for Plate” […]

Jerry Engh on the mend….

We thought his many friends in the Devon world would want to know: We saw Jerry Engh at Lakota Ranch today.  Jerry suffered a stroke a few weeks ago but he’s not only up….he’s running.  And supervising things at Lakota from a 4-wheeler. He does have some mild paralysis but my non-professional diagnosis is that […]

Roundtable: Can I make money selling grass fed beef?

It’s a question that comes up whenever a new Devon breeder recognizes the gourmet quality of the meat in his pasture:  can I sell this animal at a reasonable profit or do I have to settle for the price dictated by the auction barn?  That same new Devon breeder also quickly becomes discouraged when he […]